Meet Girls and Make An Impression

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At Ladies of the Night, we know a few things about what a woman really wants, but we also know that it can be a confusing thing for a man to master. If you have been having difficulty making your mark with the opposite sex, don’t worry, our San Diego escorts have got you covered. Check out these tips to make your mark on a room, and keep her coming back for more.

Confidence is Key

There is nothing sexier than confidence, which is why you need to pay attention to dressing well, and feel at the top of your game. When you’re feeling good, you’re going to make her feel good just by being with you. A woman can tell when a man is insecure, and it can be a difficult assessment to come back from.

Make Eye Contact

samanthaEye contact is possibly one of the most important aspects of any intimate interaction. Whether you are being physical, or simply making an introduction, locking your eyes with hers will help her to remember you. Eye contact helps to form a kind of bond, but it also shows her that she is important to you; just be sure not to stare.

Pay Attention

You might think you know what women want, but every woman is different. This is why it’s so crucial to pay attention when she’s speaking to you. By watching her body language, recalling intimate details she’s shared, and pocketing important tidbits for later, you can impress her without all of the detective work later. Knowing what a woman likes means you can plan the perfect second date, and can sweep her off her feet in no time.

Woo Her With Words

As we mentioned above, women love confidence, and confident men know how to talk. You don’t have to be the smartest man in the room, you just have to be the most interesting. Arm yourself with a few funny and entertaining anecdotes before you begin your date. Of course, it is important to relax and be yourself, but if you get caught with nothing to say, just pull out your wild card and wow her.

For more information on Ladies of the Night, our prices, special services, and more, please contact us today! Our helpful tips might give you the upper hand on picking up a new lady, but when you call us, you’re guaranteed a great date every time.

Ladies of the Night Offers 4 Great First Date Ideas In Southern California

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First dates are rough; you don’t know each other yet, so there’s always that possibility that you could choose the wrong activity or end up having nothing to talk about. To keep things flowing, choose a location that offers plenty of conversation starters, so you never get stuck with nothing to say. At Ladies of the Night, our San Diego escorts know that life can get in the way when it comes to planning for a date, that’s why we want to help by offering 4 great ways to make a lasting impression.

Take A Hike:

No, literally; Southern California is packed full of prime hiking regions, and best of all, it’s completely free! Find a romantic waterfall, seek adventure in the forest, or work up a sweat together climbing big rocks. Listings of local and national parks and other hiking areas are available through the government of California website. If your date isn’t much of a hiker, it’s best to stick to beginner trails, and always bring enough provisions for your trip.

Take Her to a Private Beach:

san_diego_escortOkay, so you don’t own your own beach; no problem. We’ve got you covered. Walking hand in hand across the sand, the cool breeze rolling in off the water, and the reflection of the sunset on the tide; all of these things make for the perfect evening, especially if you don’t have to share them with mountains of tourists. While it isn’t exactly private, Lechuza Beach, located in Malibu, is far more secluded than many other beaches across the state. Take your date here for some much-needed privacy, and hit it off without a hitch.

Drinks Over Dinner:

Don’t want to go plain Jane with dinner and a movie? Why not skip the meal and head straight for the drinks. Select a place that is central to both you and your date, like Clifton’s, which is located on South Broadway, and order a drink that will have you both asking for a sip from your partner’s glass. Cocktails can be classy, sexy, and give you a little liquid courage for the road.

Stargaze Together:

Nothing says romance like a glance into the galaxy, and there’s no place better to explore the unknown than at Griffith Observatory. Take some time getting to know each other and the solar system, before moving on to one of our other popular destinations listed above. The observatory makes a great starter or finisher for any date, especially if you check for special events, and attend on a day when you can really make a good first impression.

Ladies of the Night Want to Meet You

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Ever been at a party and not been able to find the courage to approach a good looking girl? Fear not, our San Diego escorts have you covered. These are women who look like they’ve stepped off the cover of a magazine, and all they want to do is get to know you.

Forget about the stress and insecurities of meeting somebody new. Give us a call and we will arrange all of the details so that your date is stress free and filled with fun. Ladies of the Night love meeting new clients, and enjoy a variety of fun filled activities. From dancing the night away to staying in and cuddling in front of a movie, we have the perfect girl for you and there are no strings attached.

Give Us A Call

The first step to meeting your dream girl is to give us a call. We can easily match you to your ideal date, or you can shop around for yourself by browsing through the ladies’ online profiles on our website. If you don’t know quite what you want in a woman, enjoy a different date every night of the week.


With affordable rates and packages that fit into even the busiest schedule, you’ll never have to be alone at a party again. Bring a girl who will make all the guys stare, and all the women wish that they’d spotted you first.

Take Time Out For Number One

In this busy world of hustle and bustle, it can be easy to get caught up in the mess of it all and forget to take time out for yourself. At Ladies of the Night, we believe that you deserve a little YOU time, and what better time to take it than right now. Schedule yourself a few hours of flirtatious conversation, create the perfect day of fun complete with the lap dance of your dreams, or spend the whole night on the town, enjoying each and every moment together.

With Ladies of the Night, there’s no awkward morning after phone call, no need to stress about long term commitment, and if you want a second date, simply call us and we’ll do the rest.

There has never been an easier way to treat yourself and have a ton of fun with no consequences. Meet the girl of your dreams today, and tomorrow, and the next day with Ladies of the Night.

Life Is Too Short To Play It Safe

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At Ladies of the Night we understand just how short life is, and that’s exactly why we want each and every client to live life to the max and enjoy every second of it. Our girls know how to give a guy a good time, from the initial meeting to the last moment you’ll spend together. Engaging conversation, sizzling glances, and those soft tempting touches, will all but have you picking up the phone to book your next date. Don’t believe us? Call and book a date with our San Diego escorts today and find out.

Live A Little

Ever spent an entire day with a woman so gorgeous she could have stepped off the cover of a magazine? mariyah_riche_redblack076_resize copy (6) (800x534) (640x427)Well then it’s high time to do so. Don’t leave this world with any regrets. Instead, take the time out of your busy life to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Take a sunset stroll with a beautiful woman you’ve never met before, dine at a restaurant you wouldn’t normally patron, have an adventure, try new things, and most of all have fun.

Forget The Rules

Okay, not really. Rules are there for a reason, but imagine if you cared less about all those rules and more about doing the things in life that make you happy. Don’t worry so much about what you should and shouldn’t do, what society thinks is right or wrong, just be yourself and toe that line. We aren’t suggesting you break any laws of course, but simply be adventurous. Talk to that pretty lady you always see at the supermarket but never have the courage to say hi to, take your shoes off and dip your toes in the water at the beach, take an extra long lunch from work and really enjoy what you eat, and go out on a date with one of our lovely Ladies of the Night.

For more information on Ladies of the Night, our price points and packages, or to see what our ladies look like, you can call us today or visit our main web page. Each of our models is chosen for her charm and beauty. You never have to worry about privacy or discretion, and we never judge. Come give Ladies of the Night a try, and live your life to the fullest. Don’t waste time trying to fit into what everyone else thinks you should be or do, just be yourself.

Never Be “That Single Guy” Again

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Ladies of the Night is a company that understands the sting of loneliness. We see plenty of clients looking for love in all the wrong places, and just seeking some feminine companionship on those lonely nights when nobody is around to talk or cuddle.

There’s absolutely nothing worse than being that one single guy in a room full of couples. So we say, “never be that single guy again!” Instead, contact our escorts in San Diego, and take your pick from a variety of gorgeous models just waiting to play the part of your girlfriend and sweep you off your feet.

san diego call girls

Whether you have a family function, a work party, or you just don’t want to go to the movies on your own, Ladies of the Night has got you covered. Leggy blondes, gorgeous brunettes, and curvy redheads are all waiting for your call.

To get a better idea of what kind of ladies we employ, pop on over to the main portion of our website and see for yourself. Each girl has her own profile page complete with photo and introduction. You can take your time scanning each girl to find one that really suits your preferences. If you aren’t sure after searching, you can tell us what you’re into on the phone, and we can match you with somebody we think will be a hit.

From a thirty-minute rendezvous to a full night affair, our Ladies of the Night love meeting new clients, and making each date feel like one you’ll never forget. And there’s no need to worry about your friends ever finding out, because our services are super discreet and very private. Our ladies know exactly which topics they should avoid, and how to charm any crowd you come upon.

Curious to see if Ladies of the Night could be for you? Contact us today! We’re always eager to meet new clients, and start building relationships. Whether you choose a different girl each time you call, or you find a favorite and continue to invite the same lady to each outing, you will find that we tend to offer a little something extra than other services of this kind.

Ladies of the Night is the perfect answer to a dateless night, especially If you want to skip that awkward phone call the next day. With no expectations, and zero commitment, you’ll leave thinking you’ve found the perfect woman.

Late Night Dates You’ll Love

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In a city like San Diego, it’s easy to find something to do at any hour of the day, and with services like ours here at Ladies of the Night, you’ll always have a San Diego escort to spend that time with. Take a look at a list we’ve compiled of great ideas for the night life in California.

Late Night Eats

Whether you’re chowing down at a posh restaurant, or cruising the boardwalk for fabulous street food, there is something for every budget and appetite. Grab your date and hit the town, for a wide assortment of food from around the world. As a melting pot of nationalities and traditions, California is home to fusions that don’t even exist in many other countries. Dig in and enjoy, any time of the day.

Fun in the Moonlight


You don’t need the sun shining to enjoy the beach life, whether it’s a moonlit stroll on the sands, or an evening surf, there are places of interest all around the coast for those who enjoy the cooler waters of evening. Take a dip in the dark ocean and refresh yourself, or lay on the sand with your date and look at the stars. One thing is certain, you won’t beat the views of the moon on the ocean anywhere else in the state.

The Club Scene

The night scene in San Diego is electric, and Ladies of the Night know how to party. From the clubs to private parties, you can spend your evening, dancing and socializing with a beautiful woman on your arm. When the night is over, your date doesn’t need to end, take some time to chat, cuddle, or get wild with a private lap dance. One thing is certain, the party doesn’t need to end when the clubs close.

Check out the Attractions

Depending on the time of year, you will find that San Diego is packed full of tourist attractions long after the sun sets. Even if you’re a local, take the time to roam the streets like a tourist, take your date to the pier, check out late night art exhibits, ride a Ferris wheel, or play some games. The city comes alive at night with colors, lights, and new things to do, so don’t count your date over when the sun dips low in the sky and the stars start to shine.

Call us today to book your date with Ladies of the Night. Check out the online profiles of our many beautiful women to find a girl to share your evening with.

Bring On The Summer

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The summer heat has finally arrived, and with it comes barbecues, bikinis, and hot summer dates. There’s nothing worse than being invited to a pool party or summer cookout, only to be the last man standing without a female companion. Unfortunately, dating in California can be tough, especially with the 9 to 5 grind keeping you from making a connection; this is where we come in.


At Ladies of the Night, we specialize in San Diego escorts, and help transform them into evenings of romance, passion, and sensual awakenings. Whether you’re looking for a companion for a quick hour at the beach, or a date for a four-hour professional banquet, our girls are ready to take on any role you need them to play.

Professionalism Goes A Long Way

With bodies to stun and brains to match, our girls are hand chosen to show you a good time on every level possible. While they work within the limits of the California legal system in terms of physical intimacy, they are still able to create the perfect date atmosphere, and make every man within a 50-mile radius jealous of your success with the ladies.

We are in a delicate business, which is why we like to relieve the stress of our customers by offering a completely private and discreet service. Your friends, family, and colleagues will never have any idea that you didn’t meet her in pottery class, but they’ll be wishing they had been there that day to ask her out first.

Hit The Town

Summer brings on a multitude of things to do that aren’t available throughout the cooler months of the year, from summer festivals to surf competitions and pool parties, there is plenty of opportunity to make your mark on the nightlife and proof to your pals that you are the man.

Choose from a selection of blondes, brunettes, and redheads ranging from petite to model height, with special skills, individual quirks, and banging bods to match. Each of our women is hand chosen based on her beauty, wit, and charm to create a date that will fascinate you physically as much as she will intellectually. You’ll never be bored on a first date alone, and you certainly won’t have to worry about that awkward second date call back.

Call us today to learn more about our services and prices, or check out our official web page and scroll through the many women ready to make your acquaintance today!

For the Times Where You Just Need a Date

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Sometimes in life there are events and occasions which call for the company of a lady. Work functions, family parties, even friendly dinners can get boring when you’re constantly on your own. It also doesn’t send the right message to family and friends if you are constantly the single one in your group. Fortunately, our San Diego escorts have you covered. Despite our rather suggestive name, our business is to take care of your business when it comes to finding a hot date.

san diego escort service

Our girls are hand chosen based on a number of criteria such as looks, personalities, and attitudes. We know exactly how to match a client with the perfect woman for an evening of casual fun or professional partnership. However, for those of you gentlemen who are eager to choose for yourself, our website also offers a fully descriptive profile for each of the women in our employ. This allows you to browse through each girl and choose for yourself, a companion to meets all of your personal specifications.

For Business or Pleasure

In some cases, your companion for the night may be work related. In this case, you never have to worry about indiscretion. At Ladies of the Night our San Diego escorts are perfectly discreet, well mannered, and ready to impress your coworkers with their beauty and charm. That being said, our girls are the perfect date, meaning that you can take her for a midnight stroll following the party and lose all of that professional glitz and glamour to reveal a rather sensual creature ready to make you feel like a real man.

Whether you want to unwind at home with a few drinks on the couch, or wine and dine her in public, our girls will take the party to you. Simple let us know the specifications for your evening when you book your appointment and we will do everything that we can to make sure the night goes off without a hitch. Everything from mannerisms to outfits can be discussed within reason.

For the more exotic man on the move, our ladies are also equipped to put on private lap dances, strip teases, or even offer a sensual massage. Never be caught without a date again. Call us today to learn more about the many Ladies of the Night in our employ and all of the types of fun you could be having tonight.

Be King For A Day

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Does your job, home life, and financial situation make you feel like a servant most of the time? Ladies of the Night want to make you feel like King for a day. Shake off those weekday blues and check out our website for a full list of services, prices, and San Diego escorts who would love to cheer you up. Scroll through personal profiles of each of our tempting ladies, and choose one that makes you feel like royalty.

Whether you prefer the company of the nice girl next door or the naughty redhead in the thigh high fish nets, we’ve got you covered.

Show ‘Em You Count

Nothing is worse than always being the guy with no date when all of your friends have a stunning girl on their arm. With one phone call, you could be arriving at your next function with a woman right off the pages of a magazine. Want to make your pals jealous? Let us know what type of outfit your date should arrive in, and we will do our absolute best to turn all the heads on your block.

Sexy young woman dressed in lingerieWhile our girls certainly bring a certain je ne c’est quoi to the party, we also offer the utmost discretion in terms of allowing anybody to find our just where your date came from. We understand that our clients are private people, so you never have to worry about explaining your date to your boss or parents.

Spoil Yourself

Every now and then every man needs to be spoiled, and nobody does this better than Ladies of the Night. Our ladies know how to treat a man, and how to make a man really feel like he is at the top of his game. If you need a physical and emotional boost, look no further, we are here for you. From sparkling conversation, flirtatious glances, and naughty comments, to a full on private lap dance, your lady will help you forget about the rest of the world and live in the moment.

Don’t let the hectic ebb and flow of everyday life get you down and make you feel inferior to those around you. Instead, give yourself a pat on the back and the much deserved gift of a hot woman on your arm. Contact Ladies of the Night today for more information on our rate plans, packages, and of course, the beautiful companions you could meet today!

The Truth About Dating

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Dating is not always easy, and that’s the truth. No matter how good looking you are, hardworking you are, or polite you are with the ladies, there is no guarantee that you will find the one. With the age of the internet, dating has become increasingly more difficult when you’d think it would be the opposite. So many profiles, pictures, and lies hidden across the web, it’s hard to decipher which girl is being honest. Here at Ladies of the Night, what you see is exactly what you get.

Browse our San Diego escorts who would love to show you a good time, read a brief bio and glance at some truly hot photos before deciding on the perfect girl. No games, no tricks, and no let downs. Our ladies are hand chosen based on beauty, charm, and other positive qualities which we know our clients will enjoy.

No Mess No Fuss

Unlike standard traditional dating which obligates you to give compliments, spend money on flowers, choose a restaurant she might not like, pick her up and wait around while she gets ready for the date, our ladies want to dote on YOU. Get truly pampered and spend your evening feeling like a King, rather than a servant. Our girls love making their men happy, so forget about the messy morning after telephone call, the time consuming restaurant conversations, and the waiting around for her to be picked up. Let her come to you.


Ever answered the door to a beautiful woman in a trench coat and not much else? There’s always a first time for everything, and we highly suggest that you book your first time soon. Forget the restrictions and rules that go along with normal dating, and create the perfect night of romance for yourself with our unique packages.

Dating Doesn’t Need To Be So Hard

The truth is that dating doesn’t need to be so difficult all the time. It’s a simple act of a man meeting a woman and enjoying the time that they spend together. No need to plan the future on a first date, no need to worry about public opinion of nudity or touching, no need to stress and sweat the small stuff. Ladies of the Night want to show YOU a good time, not the other way around. So call today and book a date with a beautiful woman who will help you leave your reservations at the door, and truly experience a date the way that it should be.