Creating The Perfect Date

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Nothing says date night like the excitement of meeting up with a beautiful lady for an evening of fun. At Ladies of the Night our girls love to date, and more importantly they’d love to date you! Professional, beautiful, and completely charming, no matter which girl you choose, you will be happy with your companion.

Whether you are seeking some adult company for a cocktail after work, or you want to spend an entire day just having fun with a gorgeous woman, we have got you covered. Check out our site for a escorts in San Diego to create the perfect date, then give us a call to schedule a time and day. We urge all of our clients to call as soon as they have selected a companion, because our services are so popular and we want to please everybody. Don’t miss out on the perfect girl, book today!

A Night On The Town

Dinner and a movie, dancing and cocktails, or a walk down Santa Monica Pier after dark. This city is full to the brim with exciting things to do, so why not share it with somebody who makes you feel good? Hold hands as you casually stroll past other couples, turn heads as you dine on a moonlit patio, and create a magical moment while sharing your dessert.

If there is one thing that Ladies of the Night excel at, it is entertaining after dark. When the sun goes down, the fun comes out and our girls are really ready to show you what this city has in store.


Beach Time Fun

You don’t have to go out at night to have a good time, and nobody ever had a bad time at the beach. Bring your lady out for a day of sand and waves and show her how great you look on a surf board. Not much for swimming? No problem, lay back in the sun and enjoy the show as your model perfect woman prances around the beach in a bikini.

Ladies of the Night is all about creating the perfect date experience for our client, so if you have any special requests or fun date ideas let us know. As long as your suggestions are legal and within reason, our girls are always eager to please and ready to have fun. With the summer soon approaching, there is no better time to book a beach date, so call soon!

Making Special Requests Of Your Special Date

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Sure, you can find a hot date at a local club, or meet a lady at the supermarket, but we guarantee she won’t offer the same perks that we do. Ladies of the Night caters to our clients in every way that we can. Working within the laws governing the state of California, we provide men with a living fantasy, and unlike your run of the mill hookup, we take special requests.

Take a look at our site to discover more details about our packages and plans. You might find that there is something that jumps right off the page at you, or maybe you have an original concept you’d like to run by us.

Our company chooses models based on beauty and charisma, and with such a selection, there’s no way you won’t find a match, at least for an evening.

Make It A Night To Remember

Maybe you’re into cosplay, role play or you just want to take a gorgeous model out to make your friends jealous. No matter what your fantasy is, our girls love to play along. Select a lady from our website, or give us a call with your specifications in terms of looks. Next, let us know what you are interested in. Maybe it’s been a fantasy of yours to have a gorgeous woman ring your doorbell in a trench coat and not much else, or perhaps, you have a thing for French maid uniforms. We can’t guarantee that every woman on our staff will be into every concept you create, but we can guarantee a night to remember.

Physical Requests

Cuddling, hand holding, massages, and even lap dances can all be arranged if that is your desire. At our escort service in San Diego, every woman is different, and so one may be more interested in cuddling and massages than others. This is why you letting us know some of your special requests ahead of time can help you to get matched with the right date.

Be Picky

Go ahead, be picky. Choose a date based on your idea woman and don’t feel guilty about it for once. Whether you are looking to impress friends at a reunion, or you just want a gorgeous girl on your arm for the night, we know how nice it is to find that perfect match for a special date.

Call today and speak to one of our professional staff members. The sooner you call, the more likely it is that your special someone will be available for an evening of fun!

Don’t Limit Yourself To Society’s Standards

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Whether you have a high profile job, a labor induced work experience, or currently between employments, you deserve to have a little fun once in a while. Society offers a certain image of what the perfect life looks and feels like, but modern dating has changed many of the rules associated with these images, and you now have the ability to forge your own idea of the perfect life and perfect relationship without the restriction of these boundaries.

At Ladies of the Night, we believe that each of our clients is an individual, and that means that you have individual tastes and desires. If you take a look through our online database of the women we employ, you will see just how vast our range of ladies is. From tall dark goddesses to stunning blond beauties, we make the dating world your oyster, and every night can be a pearl.

Open Your Mind

In the past the idea of ordering a date through our services may have crossed your mind, but the thought that others might judge you held you back. With Ladies of the Night, you never need to worry about the opinion of others. We are careful, courteous, and always discreet. Our womenBELLA 4 are happy to blend in or stand out just as much as you need them to.

Take your date to a workplace event, out with close friends, or spend the night at your home where nobody will ever see the teasing glances and flirtatious touches. This is your life; so why don’t you make the rules for once? Open your mind to the possibilities of dating somebody new every week with absolutely no strings attached. Fulfill your emotional needs and find sensual stimulation without the need for any strain on sexual performance.

Our ladies all act within the laws and regulations of the state of California, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t live out your fantasies, or enjoy yourself romantically. From sultry strip teases to luxurious lap dances, you will find yourself tempted into a world of possibilities, where it feels like just about anything can happen, and you are finally the star of your own personal movie.

Live Life To Its Fullest

Let loose and finally give into those base instincts. Don’t hold back for the sake of society and what they deem to be appropriate or taboo. Take a step into your wild side, and call us for a taste of something extraordinary.

Our professional staff is standing by and always ready to provide answers to any questions you might have regarding our services. Peruse our list of ladies online and choose a woman that would be a good fit for you. Rather than dodging rejections on online dating sites, know that for once, you will definitely get the girl, if only for a night.

Bring You’re A-Game To The Party

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Sexy young woman dressed in lingerie

Sexy young woman dressed in lingerie

Ever find yourself the only one in your group of friends without a girlfriend? Is the dating game a confusing mess of old fashioned rules and mind tricks that you just don’t have the time to sort through? Here at Ladies of the Night, we have got your next big event covered.

Become the envy of friends and colleagues by attending your next party with a model on you arm. Keep them guessing all night long about how in the world you found such a lovely creature, and make everybody just a little bit jealous that they aren’t in your shoes, for once.

Dress Up or Dress Down

Whether it’s a high society function, or a casual get together at a house party, our girls are discreet, charming, and of course, beautiful. Dinner, dancing, and even work parties are way more fun with one of our feisty San Diego escorts on your arm.

Glance through our packages to find one that works for your schedule and budget, and then wow everybody you know by brining your fantasy woman to the party. You can even make special requests (within reason) regarding apparel, and our girls will do their very best to accommodate you when possible.

Even better than a gorgeous girl in a fancy dress on your arm, is imagining the after party when you can have a little one on one time in a little less. Of course, all of our women act within the laws of the state of California, but this doesn’t mean a little bit of fun and a few naughty glances can’t be stolen throughout the night.

Show Your Friends What They’re Missing

Don’t just show up with one mystery lady. Keep people guessing by bringing a new date to every event you attend. A blond for a house party, a red head for the office benefit, and a feisty brunette for the bonfire on the beach with your old college chums. Even if you lead a rather calm and mundane life, you can spice things up with a little arm candy.

Check out our online listing of the many Ladies of the Night who offer their services to our clients. Explore their photographs and choose a woman who suits your tastes. With Ladies of the Night, you’ll never have to settle for second best again.

Call us today for more information, and book a date with the girl of your dreams.

Night Or Day – We Aim To Please

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Ladies of the Night operates mainly during the evening hours when work day stress leaves our clients hoping for a little flirtatious banter and sensual reprieve. That being said, our models are more than happy to take time out to spend with you during the morning or afternoon as well. An afternoon at the beach, picnic in the park, or daytime cuddle at your home, can be quite nice, especially on the weekend days when you are trying to unwind.

Make Some Me Time

Most of what we do in life revolves around helping others, keeping others happy, and supporting others. What about time for yourself? As men, thoughts of pampering and relaxation are often swept to the side. Women get spa days, but what about men? You work hard, and play had, so you deserve to kick your feet up and be taken care of for a few hours.

Look through our different packages and choose one that suits your schedule, needs, and budget. From a quick 30-minute visit, to an entire day packed full of sensual bliss, you can be rest assured that your Lady of the Night won’t disappoint.

Get What You Need

As a man, it can be frustrating living in a society which deems public demonstrations of sexuality inappropriate. It is a natural part of life, and we at Ladies of the Night encourage you to explore your sensuality and let loose once in a while. All of our ladies are discreet, professional, and just a little bit wild. Let loose and enjoy yourself in ways that you may not have allowed yourself to in the past.

Discover New Joy

They say that one can never truly know oneself, but we believe you can certainly speed up the process by diving in head first to new experiences and opportunities. If you have never used an escort service, but have always been curious about it, we encourage you to give us a call. Whether you’re a newbie, or a lifelong client, we can help you find that sensual joy like no one else.

To truly understand what your desires are, you first have to engage yourself in activities that heighten your senses and peak your desires. Live out your fantasies in a safe and legal way, which allows you to forego age old views on traditional sexuality, and just be yourself. We are always happy to help a new client choose the package that is right for him.

Meet A Real Woman

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You would think that in such modern times we could celebrate our sexuality more openly, but it is still stifled. This can be frustrating as a red blooded male who just wants to express himself and enjoy all of the beauty that comes naturally to the human form.

Here at Ladies of the Night, we believe that sexuality is a normal part of life, and we like to embrace it. Come embrace it with us, by booking a date tonight with one of our vivacious models.

Each girl is chosen based on a number of criteria including beauty, body, charm, wit, and various other skills. You can browse through real live profiles and see photos of each model before meeting her up close and personal.

Expand Your Horizons

Don’t let your sexuality be stifled by old fashioned dating rules and naysayers who just don’t understand your basic needs. Relax and let your imagination take flight with a real woman who knows exactly what you need.

While all of our models act within the laws of the state of California, they still know how to show a man a good time. Sit back and enjoy a personalized strip tease straight out of your wildest dreams. Role play a little, and create real life fantasies without ever leaving the comfort of home.

Take A Chance On Romance

We build each of our packages based on the needs of our clients. That means that we have something for every preference and budget. Do you need a short pick me up after a long week of mind numbing work? We have a short and sweet package just right for you. Do you need a longer dose of sensual therapy? You can enjoy 4 hours or even full 12 hours with your chosen lady.

Don’t be afraid to break with convention. Throw caution to the wind and let yourself have something you know you really want. Our girls are eager to please and love meeting new clients. There is no judgement with us, and all of our services are completely professional and discreet.

Don’t worry about coworkers or friends finding out about your fantasy rendezvous. Your secret is safe with us, and what’s more, you can have more than one. Try a date with one of our ladies, and then, even if you found her to be just what you need, entertain an evening with somebody new. The rules with Ladies of the Night are very different from your typical Friday night date, so try something new.

Lady Of Your Dreams

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Ladies of the Night prides itself on being one of the top competitors in the California escort industry. Why? Because we have got the lady of your dreams – and she knows how to work it. Browse through a list of hand selected women, who look as though they have stepped out of a glossy magazine spread. Take your time selecting a teasing blond, bubbly brunette, or devious redhead to help make your fantasies come true, and then call us for more information on how we can bring that fantasy to life.

Make It Personal

We love giving our clients exactly what they need, and sometimes that is a night out with a fiery female, but other times it is a night in. Our girls are witty, sweet, charming, and of course sexy. They know how to entertain, and keep the evening going whether you are at a dance party or curled up on the couch watching a movie.

Make your date personal but keeping things casual at home. Your date can come to your door or pick you up after work in a teasing outfit. Pop some popcorn, sit back and relax while she puts on a private show for one, or cuddle together while you recount the day. Sometimes it’s nice to have the companionship without all of the responsibility and commitment.

Take It To The Streets

If staying in and relaxing at home isn’t your idea of a good time, you can also spend the night on the town. Take your date for dinner, a moonlit walk on the beach, to the local amusement park, or out for an evening of dancing. Make all of your friends jealous and show off the hottest blond, brunette, or redhead they have ever seen.

All of our ladies know how to work it, and are eager to help you impress friends, family and colleagues. Nobody will ever think that you aren’t a ladies man after this night out. After your date, depending on the package you have chosen, you might still have time to take things back home and have an intimate chat or maybe more.

Whatever your date style is, Ladies of the Night is happy to help you create the perfect evening. Call us today to discuss pricing, services, time frames, and of course, our ladies. We also invite you to read other updates throughout our blog to learn more about how our girls can serve you.

Great Ladies For Deserving Gentleman

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At Ladies of the Night we have some of the classiest and most beautiful women in California, ready and eager for a real man to show them a night of fun and fantasy. Our girls are chosen through a very selective process, which includes only the most charming, flirty, and voluptuous women to grace the arm of a client.

Through our well organized website, new and returning clients can easily flip through photos and profiles of each of our lovely women, providing a glimpse into the possible night that could be in store for you. Abandon traditional views of dating and give something new a try. With packages that last half an hour, one hour, four hours, or twelve hours, you can customize your time to suit your needs and schedule.

Specialty Services

While our Ladies of the Night do have to adhere to California laws and regulations regarding escort services, we do offer some pretty racy services and also welcome special requests within reason. Our dom and fetish package, which lasts an hour and a half, and includes some very naughty teasing with a highly taboo feel is only $500.

Other special requests might include the way one of our girls wears her hair, dresses, or arrives to greet you. Some clients enjoy a little show, while others prefer to watch the layers come away overtime to explore the smooth skin and wicked curves hidden underneath.

We are always open to suggestions, and welcome comments and requests from clients, so feel free to give us a call and discuss your upcoming appointment. Our friendly staff is always happy to help in any way that we can to satisfy our clientele.

Naughty and Nice

Our Ladies of the Night deserve respect and courtesy from their clients, and will extend the same to you. If you want to make a good impression and continue using our services, it is always best to go over your date’s own personal policies before a date commences, especially if you think that you may use inappropriate language or gestures. Our girls love to play, and even get a little naughty from time to time, which is why setting out ground rules first is important.

Try It All

If you enjoy the idea of spending time with one of our gorgeous women, but make a choice on which to see, relax! You can try it all. Blondes, brunettes, and red heads, are all ready to make your acquaintance. Become one of our regulars and get to know all of the Ladies of the Night.

Top Places To Enjoy Your Evening Of Romance

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Believe it or not, some men would love to have the company of a gorgeous stranger for an evening, but have absolutely no idea what to do once together. The idea of a magazine cover model stepping into full view, and being in charge of a night of romance can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you make it out to be in your head.

Here at Ladies of the Night, all of our girls are not only beautiful, but also professional, and completely charming, no matter where they are spending their time. This means that you don’t have to take all of the pressure upon yourself, but can look to your date for ideas as well. If you want to be prepared before your companion arrives, however, take a look at some of these ideas of places you can go and enjoy yourselves.

Take Dinner To Another Level

Okay, so maybe a restaurant seems a little tame for one of our ladies, but you can certainly spice up the experience. We get special requests all the time and when they are reasonable our girls will always try their best to please a client. Ever had a candlelit dinner with a woman who is wearing lingerie beneath her cocktail dress? What about nothing but skimpy underwear beneath a long dress jacket? Our advice for an evening you won’t soon forget involves a little bit of peekaboo over a lovely dinner for two.

Beach Front Walk

This is California, so use the scenery to your advantage and take you date to the beach. She may need to take off those stunning high heels, but nothing is sexier than a gorgeous woman, barefoot in the sand. Stroll hand in hand, walk along the waves, and dip your toes in the water. A few longing glances and whispers in the dark can go a long way to develop those tingling sensations only a first date can bring you.

Stay In For The Night
Who says you have to go out to have a good time? Whether it involves cuddling on the couch with a good movie, or just enjoying a tantalizing conversation filled with naughty verbal imagery, you can create your own fun without ever leaving the house.

Of course, our girls are always well behaved in terms of California law, but that doesn’t mean she won’t tease you until you just can’t take anymore. Top any evening off with a little strip tease or a private lap dance, and you may get an idea or two of what you can do the next time you call Ladies of the Night for a date.

Nobody Does It Better

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Nothing feels greater than falling in love, but in a city where relationships seem to fly by and making real connections is almost impossible, it’s nice to take a break from the dating game and just enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. Ladies of the Night may not provide the same kind of intimacy as your standard date, but what they lack in sexuality, they make up for in sensuality.

A Quiet Night In

Whether you enjoy spending the evening on the town, or relaxing by the fireside on a quiet night in, Ladies of the Night are prepared to make even the dullest of evenings come to life with tantalizing possibility. Sit back and watch while a beautiful model slowly undresses before your eyes, breathe in the anticipation and let your imagination take flight. Our girls aren’t trained masseuses but some will, by special request, oblige you in a gentle massage. You may even get a private lap dance without all the distraction and noise of a buzzing night club.

Nobody does it better than Ladies of the Night because nobody can offer the simplicity of an amazing date with no strings attached. Release your anxieties and push away feelings of shyness to revel in the longing glances and light conversation that can take place. You will feel like the luckiest man in any room with one of our girls on your arm.

Discover The Night

While our escort services don’t need to be exclusively at night, it can certainly make the experience more exciting. With the twinkling lights of the cityscape behind you, you can make your way to dinner, dancing, or a candlelit hotel room for two. Have your date appear in not much else but her jacket and tease you into a frenzy that will keep you coming back for more.

If you have a particular style of dress, hair color, or even body type in mind, we at Ladies of the Night are always willing and ready to take on our clients’ requests and do our absolute best to fulfill them within reason and within the laws of California. Our girls are happy when they make their clients happy and you may find yourself wanting the same lady each time, or meeting somebody new for each encounter. Nobody can give you the selection and satisfaction that we can, so check out our special packages online and give us a call today!