Ladies Of The Night Come Ready To Play

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Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town, spending a quiet evening in a posh hotel room, or you just want a companion to spend some time with at home, Ladies of the Night come ready to play. Loaded with enough beauty to completely blow your mind, and the playful nature of your favorite fantasy our ladies will give you the time of your life without ever breaking the rules.

Get ready to be pampered, teased, and completely shocked by the voluptuous curves, soft skin, and some very naughty day dreams when your date arrives at your door. Dressed in an outfit which you make suggestions for, with a devious little surprise underneath, you better believe that this won’t be your average peep show.

Take It To The Streets

While our ladies are perfectly happy to spend an evening in your company at home, you can also take your date out on the town. Dinner and drinks at your favorite restaurant, or even the house party of a friend that you want to make totally jealous. Our girls will go as far as they can to make your every dream come true.

Hit the town and watch every male head turn as they see the voluptuous vixen on your arm. Long dark lashes, crimson lips, and legs to kill, our women are the full package and they are willing to prove it.

Make A Request

You want a scandalous visit at work? An afternoon lap dance you can dream about all night long? What about the arrival of a gorgeous model in nothing but a trench coat and lingerie? Here at Ladies of the Night your wish is our desire, and our girls can’t wait to deliver.

Fully prepared to give their clients whatever they ask for within reason and within the laws of the state, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you may even find yourself unable to have just one encounter.

Let Ladies Of The Night Be Your Guide To Work Party Success

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The holiday season is upon us, which means staff parties and office gatherings galore. These events can be boring, long, and lifeless, but your date certainly doesn’t have to be. Bring a woman that co-workers won’t soon forget and become the life of the party with our Ladies of The Night.

Each of our ladies has been hand chosen for her beauty and toned body, as well as her personality and ability to please her clients. We want each and every one of our clients to leave feeling satisfied, which is why our ladies are always willing to put on a good show, and give you exactly what you want, so long as it falls within state regulations.

Make It A Night To Remember

Whether there is dinner, dancing, speeches, or just drinks and mingling, your work party will be a smashing success with one of our models on your arm. Strut in looking and feeling confident and watch as every head in the room turns toward you and your date. Take the pressure off of yourself to find that special someone or bring a girl to the party who you don’t know that well. Our girls are ready to be just about anybody you need them to be.

Let us know if you have any special requests on her attire ahead of time and we can make sure that each model is completely suitable for your event. You want classy and confident business attire, a sexy strapless holiday dress, or a casual outfit that shows a little skin? We have got you covered. What’s more, some women are also willing to let you choose what she wears underneath.

That’s right! Tease yourself all night long knowing that beneath that sparkling holiday party dress there is some truly tantalizing lingerie. Think about dark lace, supple skin, and long smooth legs being exposed when the event has ended. Enjoy a celebratory strip tease after your work event, and revel in the fact that other co-workers went home to a boring night alone.

Give Us A Call

We are always happy to arrange these types of meetups for our clients, so please feel free to give us a call as soon as you know that you want to take one of our girls to an event. This gives you and us time to choose a girl that suits your needs, and speak to her regarding your special requests. Call today for more information.

Ladies Of The Night Will Warm You Up

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The weather is cooling off, even in San Diego, and while the city may not see any snow over the winter seasons the way that Northern California does, you might still find yourself looking for a way to keep warm on those chilly nights. Here at Ladies of the Night, we pride ourselves on having services that will truly get you hot under the collar. Our models certainly don’t do anything outside of the state laws, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a few tricks up their sleeves to keep your heart racing.

It’s Okay To Look

Many men who use our services have all found something in common about our girls; they are hot, and they aren’t afraid to show it off. Let us know what your special fantasy is, and if our girls are able to fulfill that with a style of dress or undress, you might just get yourself an eyeful.

The age old adage, “it is okay to look,” has never been truer, especially if your selected lady is feeling a performance coming on. Forget about overpriced strip clubs where the women may or may not live up to the high standards of your fantasies, with Ladies of the Night, you can select your girl based on your interests and specifications. You want a petite blonde in heels? She can meet you at the office. A curvaceous brunette in nothing but an overcoat? She will be at your door tonight. A busty redhead who knows no boundaries? Done. If you’re paying to see something good, you might as well like what you see.

Sizzling Dances

Our girls may be limited in their touching, but if there is one thing that a lady of the night knows how to do, it is dance. We aren’t talking about hitting the club, although many of our clients do take their ladies out, we are talking about a private show for one. Let us know what kind of an hour, evening, or entire day you’re looking for, and we will pair you up with a woman who knows how to deliver. Whether it’s a sizzling lap dance to warm up as winter hits, or a peep show that will keep you dreaming about her for days, Ladies of the Night has got you covered.

Call today for more information on our large range of packages, or visit us online for an inside peek at what Ladies of the Night has to offer you.

Ladies Of The Night Helps Create The Perfect Fantasy

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If you have ever been told, “you’re living in a fantasy world,” we applaud you. Who said the real world was better anyway? Here at Ladies of the Night we believe that the best way to live is by fantasy, and that’s just what our girls help us to create for our clients. All of the silky smooth bare skin, voluptuous curves, and long legs you can handle wrapped up in a perfectly attired package will certainly have you wondering whether you are asleep or awake.

Our priority at Ladies of the Night is to make you feel like a real man, and our ladies are on top of that 100%. While we may not be able to give you everything you want, you will be absolutely shocked at just how sexy and sensual your experience can be. From a candid lap dance in a hotel room to a peek-a-boo show you won’t soon forget, we have got you covered in terms of the perfect fantasy.

Make It Count

Ever wished that you could date that hot nude on the cover of an adult magazine? Hoped that there was such a thing as a “sexy librarian”? Your fantasy can become a reality with Ladies of the Night. Take out the hottest women you have ever laid eyes on and make your friends totally jealous. Spend the night living out your hottest desires by dressing up and roleplaying with a professional roleplayer.

Make every second count, whether you choose to entertain your fantasies for an hour, four hours, or an entire evening. Our Ladies of the Night will make you wish you had requested more time by completely enveloping you in a sensory experience like no other.

Tell Us Your Fantasy

Even if you aren’t ready to live it, our ladies are always looking for a secret to keep, and they are masters of discretion. Whisper your fantasy to our Ladies of the Night tonight, and hear a fantasy back in exchange. Make it into a game and play the whole night long without ever acting on your naughty needs. You might even find yourself realizing some fantasies that you didn’t know you had. Perhaps a visit from a tall brunette wearing nothing but panties under a trench coat, or a very naughty nurse in fish net tights.

While our girls can’t satisfy every single request for outfits or activities, we will always try our best to accommodate our client needs, and that means giving you as close to what you want as we possibly can.

Ladies Of The Night Can Get Your Heart Racing

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There’s nothing worse than spending the weekend alone, especially when all of your friends are coupled up or finding new romance. Why not find a little romance for yourself with our Ladies of the Night. Hand-picked for their charm, beauty, and tempting curves, our models will certainly get your heart racing without the need for any long term commitment.

Enjoy an evening out in the city, a quiet night in, or a rather sensual hour of teasing glances and revealing behavior. Our girls work in a professional manner that is well within the guidelines and laws of California, while still creating the perfect amount of naughtiness for their clients.

Enjoy A Little Mystery

One thing that can be truly exciting for our clients is the air of mystery that many of our models produce. Sure, you could check out some profiles on our site and choose a woman for yourself, but you could also ask for anyone within a specific age range or appearance profile and be completely and happily surprised to see her show up at your door.

Hire one of our Ladies of the Night for a quick lap dance, an evening walk on the beach, or for a date to a work function. One thing is for sure; you will have everybody you know turning their heads and wondering who your mystery girl is.

Make It Last

For some of our clients, half an hour, a full hour, or even four hours just isn’t enough with our models. For this reason we offer a package that allows you to make your day in paradise last. You may not have to call anybody in the morning, but you can certainly enjoy the entire day and evening together. Plan activities around town, stay in and talk, or forget the casual stuff all together and make things truly interesting with our dom or fetish package.

All of our models love their jobs and love our clients. You might be surprised to learn that your date for the day is having just as much fun as you are, and she is likely to show this.

Savor Every Moment

Life is too short to spend it being practical and living by the general norms of society. Live a little, and let your heart race with a thrilling visit from a sexy stranger. Allow yourself to feel like a real man while on the arm of a redhead, relax under the fingertips of a sultry blonde while you receive a massage, or revel in the teasing flashes of skin that your buxom brunette sneaks you when nobody is looking. This time is yours to enjoy.

Give In To Those Manly Urges

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Sexuality is a completely natural part of life, and yet many social standards expect men to eschew these feelings and pretend they don’t exist. What if we told you that you could give in to those manly urges and nobody would be any wiser?

Here at Ladies of the Night, we pride ourselves on our ability to give our clients exactly what they need. With a large selection of gorgeous handpicked models and our promise of complete discretion, you could treat yourself to a night of pleasure and excitement with the type of woman you’ve only seen in naughty movies.

Spend A Day With A Temptress

While all of our ladies are employed only for the act of companionship, and are not permitted to perform any kind of sexual acts for money, you may be surprised at just how intimate and sensual your experience can be.

Open your world and choose a companion by looks, age, and tastes by checking out the “Ladies” section of our website. Here, you have the opportunity to choose to spend half an hour, four hour, or twelve our sessions with some of the most beautiful women you may have ever seen.

Think Outside Of The Box

Whether you choose a tantalizing strip tease in your hotel room, or an evening out on town, you won’t be disappointed in your companion’s abilities and special traits. Imagine dinner and a show when all the while your date isn’t wearing anything beneath her dress. What if you had the opportunity to spend ninety minutes undergoing fetish or dominatrix related activities? All of this and more can be yours without ever creating a scene or changing the way that friends and colleagues see you.

Live Your Fantasies

We think of each of our clients as individuals, which means that we know your tastes might differ from somebody else’s. Give in, and live out your fantasies in a safe and legal way with one of our curvaceous models. Don’t bottle up your sexuality and hide it away the way that society encourages. Instead, explore your needs, and enjoy the sensual glances, tender touches, and unforgettable attention of the hottest girls in San Diego.

Live your life the way that you want to and give into those manly urges by using the services of Live a different fantasy every day with a different girl, and never have to answer for it. We aren’t judging.

You Deserve A Night To Remember

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Here at Ladies Of The Night, we realize that not every man has the courage to walk up to a beautiful woman and ask for her number, but we can help make those dreams a reality without ever needing to consider rejection. All of the exquisite women we have on staff are selected based on their charms, beauty, and sweet dispositions.

Although Ladies Of The Night aren’t obligated through our services to perform any sexual acts, you might be surprised to see how much fun you have holding hands, showing her off to your friends, hitting the town for an evening of romance, or enjoying a personal lap dance back at your hotel. With rates and time slots to meet every budget and lifestyle, even you will agree that you deserve a little something for all of the hard work you do the rest of the week.

Make It Memorable

California is a treasure trove of activities, stunning views, and events to attend, so you might as well make it count with a sexy woman on your arm. Ladies Of The Night offers women to suit every taste profile, from porn stars who are eager to show you why their bodies helped them make it in the industry, to full-time college students eager to spend time with a real man.

From quick thirty minute sessions, to four hour dinner and date packages, to intriguing dominatrix and fetish services, Ladies Of The Night aim to please, and always have our special clients in mind.

Make The Most Of The City

Although our girls are known for their spectacular bodies and sassy attitudes, we never kiss and tell, which means that you can make the most of the city you love and never have to worry about others knowing that your date is being paid. In fact, many of our clients take their Ladies Of The Night to work functions, important events, or just spend the date on the town.

One thing you never have to worry about is a boring evening with somebody you have absolutely no chemistry with. Our ladies are trained in the art of entertaining their dates. Witty banter, stolen touches, and a woman who can pamper you and make you feel special is exactly what we aim to offer. Interested in seeing what we offer and who is available to make your acquaintance? Check out our rates and services today.

The Ladies Of The Night Bring Elegance Like Nobody Else

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Here at we don’t just believe in offering our clients the most professional and tantalizing services available in California, we also bring a taste of elegance to each interaction that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Unlike the seedy services offered by alternative sources, we hand pick each girl to suit the specifications of client requests while still upholding a high level of excellence in terms of age, beauty, mannerisms, and speech.

Upholding Standards

At our business is to please clients through the supply of a perfect companion; whether this is for an hour, four hours, or an entire day. In order to do this, we know that the ladies on our roster must meet specifications such as those mentioned above.

All of the ladies you see on our website are young professional models. They not only offer their time and companionship to earn wages, but because they enjoy the experience, and this is very important because we know that our clients can tell the difference. This also offers an edge of elegance and enjoyment in the very obvious sizzle felt between you and your chosen companion.

Dressing For The Part

Aside from exquisite beauty, supple bodies, and a sweet disposition, the ladies we employ also dress the part of the elegant companion. In tasteful lacy lingerie, or a sexy evening gown, these women have the ability to transport you to another time and place where men are men and women are something to be desired.

Many of our girls allow you to make requests in terms of dress and even mannerisms when you meet them. Fetish and dom services are also offered for those who want a little less elegance and a little more spice.

Mistakes People Make

One thing that many people assume when they hear about escorts or companions, such as the beautiful models we employ, is that the services will seem cheap and crass, but this isn’t the case. Of course, we do serve a large client base, each customer with their own individual tastes and preferences, but despite special requests, our ladies are always tasteful, tactful, and sophisticated.

Another mistake people make when learning about services such as those offered through is that there is some type of sexual exchange involved. This just isn’t the case. Although our girls are happy to supply sensual massages, sexy chats, and even a private peep show for one, they also have integrity and anything that occurs outside of their general contract is personal and not at all part of the services supplied through our business.

The Ladies of Your Daily Desires

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Everybody has some deep dark desire that they do not talk about, and while our ladies are not required to fulfill specific physical experiences, they certainly are able to cultivate those fantasies into something a little more real. A man can go his whole life only seeing gorgeous scantily clad women on television and gracing the cover of magazines, but with Ladies of the Night, you can experience these beautiful visions in person.

The Art Of Touch

We know that every one of our clients have particular tastes and needs, and while our girls are not registered as professional masseuses, many of them are still willing and able to give a pleasure filled sensual massage upon request. This can add some heightened sensation to an otherwise dull week and create a more realistic fantasy, especially when you are able to enjoy a captivating glance at the lovely lady fulfilling those desires.

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Get What You Desire

Here at Ladies of the Night we believe in giving our clients what they want to the best of our abilities, which is why you are able to see each and every one of our beautiful women on staff through our website. With our company, what you get is what you see, which can be very encouraging, as all of our ladies are beautiful, sensual, and professional. From long lush lashes, to curvy or slender silhouette, you can request your lady to your own tastes and specifications. Whether you enjoy the company of tanned blond bombshells, or tall leggy brunettes, we have you covered.

Find Enjoyment On Your Time

Many San Diego and surrounding area services provide their escorts at inconvenient times, which can make it difficult for clients to enjoy the time that they have with their companion. We know that our clients live by varying schedules, and that while some may have the time for dinner and a walk on the beach at one time, another may only be available for the services of our ladies during the morning or afternoon.

A quick visit to our website will provide you with a list of times and different services available. From a thirty minute visit to peak your interest with a personalized lap dance, to a lengthy 12 hour visit with the woman of your deepest desires, you can choose what works best for your tastes and lifestyle, and we will be happy to oblige.

Don’t Worry Gents, It’s Alright to Look

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Sexy young woman dressed in lingerie[/caption]If you’ve ever found yourself on a first date or even out on your own and couldn’t take your eyes off of a beautiful pair of legs, or a curvaceous silhouette, you are not alone. The female body is a beautiful thing, but many women feel shy or embarrassed about celebrating their form, and this can take a toll on a guy. Fortunately, here at Ladies Of The Night, we have a solution.

Our girls are selected specifically for their beauty, grace, and perfect bodies. You can see each model before hiring on the Ladies section of our website. Here, you’re sure to get an idea of what you are in for, and the type of evening you could experience with your chosen companion.

Women Escorts in San Diego

Fulfill Your Desires

Although our girls are contracted to entertain, they are not obligated to perform any physical acts of intimacy. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a deeply erotic experience. All of our clients are expected to treat our girls with courtesy and respect at all times, and in return you might be surprised at some of the risque gestures they provide.

Some of our clients enjoy the idea of having one of our Ladies Of The Night show up in a trench coat and not much else, while others are hoping to enjoy a lap dance in their office for an experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Dom and fetish services are also available on request.

Spend Your Time How You Please

Unlike dating in the real world, spending time with one of our beautiful escorts also opens you up to a world of personalized entertainment, where dinner and a movie doesn’t have to be the epitome of a sexy evening. The girls at Ladies Of The Night will pick up clients from your hotel or the airport, spend time with showing you around the city, or head back to your home for a discrete and titillating show that you can openly enjoy to your hearts content.

Our girls have been known to relax with clients, chat, cuddle, and provide many of the other cute and subtle intimacies that a real relationship would. If a night out on the town is your idea of fun, our ladies can also dress appropriately to attend a concert, theater, or restaurant where other men will likely be caught staring at you and your date in awe.

Don’t conform to society’s standards of romance and companionship, visit our site for more information on our Ladies Of The Night today.