All you guys in Pacific Beach need to read this closely.

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You’re searching for a good time.  Don’t pretend that you aren’t.  What you’re looking for is the kind of fun two adults have together.  It’s something you’ve been searching for.  You just haven’t found it yet.  You’ve found a lot of sites that seem to offer what you want.  Only to find out that the ladies aren’t up to your standard.

We take our business seriously.  Pleasuring you in every way possible is what we do.  We’re an escort agency that knows how to keep their customers happy.  It’s our goal to turn you into a repeat customer.  The only way we can do that is by ensuring that your first visit is a great one.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for.  If it’s just some fun in the sack or a night on the town.  We’ve got escorts ready to serve your needs.  You can even be picked up at the airport by an escort.  The possibilities are truly endless.  It may sound like we go above and the call of duty for our customers.  It’s because we do just that.

No one appreciates your business as much as we do.  You’re not just a customer to us.  You’re a real person.  A person that has specific needs and desires.  It’s our goal to ensure every customer gets their needs fulfilled.  It’s the only way you’ll come back for your second visit.  Don’t deny yourself the pleasure you’re seeking.  Find it today with the help of one of our escorts.

Are you looking for a good time in San Diego?

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The kind of good time that happens when two adults meet up?  If so, look no further.  We’re all about satisfaction.  We know how to treat the customer right.  It’s more than just a motto at our escort service.  You’ll always be smiling from ear to ear when we get done with you.

Are you traveling and want the full girlfriend experience?  We’re one of the few escort services that can deliver this.  We’ll send out a lady that you can wine and dine on the town.  Then take her back to your hotel room to make the night complete.  Making guys like you happy is our business.  We take pride in a job well done.

Don’t put it off for another second.  You know how long you’ve been wanting to have some fun in between the sheets.  You’re just a couple clicks away from making it all happen.  Just imagine how you’ll feel if you let go of this opportunity?  You’ll always remember the day that you had a chance with a hot escort in San Diego.

Let’s be upfront and honest about something.  Our experienced escorts know exactly what men like you want.  You’re not going to find any women that you need to tell what to do.  All these women come already knowing exactly how to put a smile on your face.  All you have to do is let them do it.  Put us to the test and find out why we have a long list of repeat customers.

GFE: Experience it All with Your San Diego Escort

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Experiencing a night in the coastal city of San Diego, CA can be an exciting escape for many traveling through America’s Finest City, but this beautiful cityscape is more fun with some company. Our girls can help give you the scoop on all of the secrets the city has to offer, and may even have a secret or two for you to keep, too. If you’re looking for company while living in San Diego or simply passing through, we can help ensure that you have all the company you need to make your stay worthwhile.

For those who may be ever so slightly unsure about the escort experience in San Diego, our girls also offer a wide range of specific services designed to ensure your wildest or mildest fantasies are at the tip of your fingers. Read more about GFE or PSE girls to see what tickles your fancy.


For those of you looking for the complete “girlfriend experience,” here at Ladies, we want to make sure that all of our clients get the fantasy they’ve always wanted. Connect with one of our girls in a way that makes sure familiarity and comfort are top priorities for your play-date. Through flirty conversation and more, we assure that you have a companion that is also a co-conspirator.  By visiting one of our ladies who may specialize in GFE, remember that it’s also a longer session. Be sure to see our rates page for details on pricing, as our girls will ensure that they spend all the time that they need to make your visit a memorable one.

In addition to chat, our GFE girls help take the edge off a great date by providing that personal touch to the whole evening. From dinner or a date on the town to a night where the two of you can enjoy each other’s company, be sure to ask if your girl is a GFE girl.

Why So Many Are Hiring Mira Mesa Escorts

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As far as escort services go there are often a variety of questions that clients tend to ask, and here at The Ladies of the Night, we like to give our clients peace of mind when they hire one of our girls for a day, evening, or 12 hour extravaganza. All of our models are professionals, and the images that you see on our website represent the women that we employ.

Keeping It Professional

The first thing that you may ask yourself as a potential client is, “What is the point of these services?” Our Mira Mesa escorts make wonderful companions, not only for an evening of relaxation and sexy visuals, but also for a variety of events, both business and casual. These girls are interesting, unique, vibrant, educated individuals who can bring class to any occasion for which you require a date. This also takes the guess work out of dating, as there are no flowers, chocolates, or morning after call backs to worry about.

Supporting Local Business

By interacting with our company through a Mira Mesa escort, you are not only gaining a flirty fun companion for anything from 30 minutes to an entire day, you are also helping local business. Based out of San Diego, California, The Ladies of the Night offer premium escort services to all of San Diego and surrounding areas.

Travel and Special Services

Unlike competitors, The Ladies of the Night believe in building our brand through client loyalty, which sometimes means travelling to where you need us. For an additional travel fee and cost of airfare or other travel expenses, our professional escorts can be with you wherever you need a companion. You will also find that these Mira Mesa escorts are particularly gifted in special services like our specialized Dominatrix routine offered.

Your guide to San Diego escorts

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Are you spending some time in San Diego? Maybe it’s for business, or maybe it’s a much-need vacation. , either for pleasure or for business?

Perhaps on this trip you are looking for an escort companion to help you pass the time in the Finest City. And who better than a San Diego escort to join you for dinner?

When it comes to San Diego County escorts, there is no agency better than The Ladies of the Night. These gorgeous ladies are available for both incall and outcall escort services. So no matter what kind of evening you have in mind, you’ll find what you need amongst our gallery of San Diego escorts.

When you’ve finally selected one of our stunning San Diego escorts you’d like to meet, you’ll find that this city has no shortage of clubs or restaurants for the evening. So choose from the wide array of San Diego’s dining and nightlife scene, and let our escorts show you the city like you’ve never seen it.

The Ladies of the Night: Home to San Diego’s finest escorts

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For the gentlemen with only the finest taste in women, there are plenty of options at The Ladies of the Night. With top tier escorts in San Diego, we pride ourselves in guaranteeing our customers class and elegance with every date or girlfriend experience.

Call today to meet one (or more) of our escorts, who will surely find herself at home in your arms.

So what’s the hesitation? The prices? We offer competitive rates for all of our clientele. And the quality? Well our San Diego escorts speak for themselves.

So call us today at 760-510-1818. the real, legit San Diego escort site

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What are the most difficult obstacles to overcome in running a premier escort agency? Well, for one, too many customers are confused by bogus online forums, fake ads, spammy competitors, and countless letdowns.

Beware of fake websites and spammy listings that don’t provide legitimate phone numbers or real girls. Please be informed that, unfortunately, our field is full of hoaxes.

If you’re tired of too-good-to-be-true hookup solicitations or backpage ads involving fake websites, find your next San Diego escort by visiting The Ladies of the Night or by calling our hotline at (760) 510-1818.

There is only one true The Ladies of the Night, and chances are if you are reading this, you’re in the right place.

San Diegans agree, hands down, there are no better escorts than these gorgeous girls at The Ladies of the Night. Skeptical? Give us a call and find out for yourself what San Diego escorts can do for you.

What to look for in San Diego escort agencies

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It is true that you only live once so you need to live life to the fullest. One of the best ways to make life interesting and worth living is by having someone to love. However, not all times does it happen so. Chances are you have ever been engaged in official business matters that saw you travel away from your home to a distant place. Though it helps you adventure, you cannot help remembering your wife for the simple reason: you need to be loved all the time. Thanks to the emergence of escort agencies, you can have one night stands with voluptuous women that will leave you craving for more trips away from home. Whether you live or just visited San Diego, good news is that there are many such escort agencies that will always get you the right woman whenever you are in need.

That said, it is imperative to understand what you ought to look for in San Diego escort agencies in order to get the best out of escort dates. Furthermore, you need value for your money since getting yourself an escort date does not always come for free. Be sure to look out for the variety of women that the agency offers. With your money in the line, make sure you get spoiled for choice. Whether you like women with big booties or boobs that leave you salivating or ones with flat booties and dot-like boobs, be sure to get variety to choose from. Make the most out of your money by choosing the woman that attracts you most.

The reputation of the various San Diego escort agencies is another thing to factor in. There are many agencies that have distinguished themselves from the rest due to their outstanding service to clients. You will always be interested in dealing with such agencies as opposed to those whose only aim is your money, not satisfaction. Thanks to the Internet, there are very many online forums and review sites where you can get the ratings and reviews of the escort agencies. Be sure to go through many opinions first before making on a decision on the agency to contact. By so doing, you will be assured off only contacting a San Diego escort agency that has your interests at heart. Last but not least, remember to look out for the terms and conditions of the various agencies to ensure you contact the one whose terms you can be comfortable with.

Your guide to looking for the perfect escort in San Diego

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If you’re looking for an San Diego escort and you’re rather new to all this, here’s a step by step guide on how you can get started hiring your first escort and have a great first experience!

Find a good escort directory website.

You can tell a good site from a bad one just by the recency of the ads and how frequently it’s updated. If you’re looking at sites that get updated daily by the same people, stay away from it! Why? Because it’s often much cheaper to advertise on these sites, which in turn attracts lower class escorts. (And I imagine that’s not something you want!)

Make a decision between an independent escort or an San Diego escort agency.

While using an escort agency does come with a higher price, the obvious upside to it is that you can expect a certain level of quality and consistency which is always nice especially for people who are newer to getting an escort! If you can find a good agency, your booker will even give you recommendations and help you out along the way, privately of course, which is always nice when you’re trying out anything new.

Narrow your search!

Of course, you’re looking for a San Diego escort, so only look for escorts around your area. But that’s not the only thing you can narrow your search to, you can select your own preferences, whether you want her to be blonde, brunette, busty, mature – you get to choose all that! This is one of the coolest things about getting an escort, you can get the perfect experience to satisfy all your desires. One more thing you will want to pay attention to is your budget when selecting an escort. You might want to pay a little extra for a better experience. Generally, you will likely need more than $200 for a better escort in San Diego.

Do your research!

After you’ve decided on something, you’d want to some digging to see if everything is legitimate. Believe it or not, some San Diego escorts use a fake picture, which will DEFINITELY put you off and that’s not something you’d want happen to yourself. You can do a reverse image search by putting the image into Google images and see if you find any matches that look suspicious. Additionally, you’d want to look for review sites on the girl to read about experiences of other gents! It’s critical that you do your research or you will waste lots of time and money having bad experiences with escorts.

Call and discuss!

There are special code words for the services, and definitely do NOT use crude and graphic words for obvious reasons. If everything goes well, congratulations, you got your first escort in San Diego, have fun!
I hope this guide has helped you in searching for a San Diego escort, do leave a comment if you have any questions.

Tips for spotting a fake escort service

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When you’re searching for an escort service, it’s easy to get lost in all the pictures and descriptions. It can be sensory overload. But eventually, a number of doubts may emerge. Like, how do you know the girl in the photo will be the one showing up to meet you? Don’t worry. The internet can be a confusing place. However, with a few tips from the pros at Ladies of the Night, the process can be a little simpler.

1. Evaluate their web presence

A reputable escort service will have a significant web presence – maybe not that of a big box retailer – but a site or a few social profiles at least. So explore their website. See if their Twitter or Google+ looks legitimate. Is their blog regularly maintained? Does the website have contact info? (This leads us to #2).

2. Investigate the phone number

Find the phone number, Copy + Paste, Google it. The results that come back may provide a wealth of knowledge. Perhaps the number brings up a collection of spam or watchdog sites — websites that list false or deceptive phone numbers. Or, it may bring up the correct site, Yelp profile, reviews of the services. The former is a bad sign; the latter may suggest a good escort service.

3. Remember: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Be cautious. Do the girl’s advertised rates seem to match up with her profile and services? Set the expectation for yourself that an escort’s rates will be directly proportional to her appearance and performance. The escort industry is not made for bargain hunters and hagglers.

Alot to take in? Maybe. But with these tips, finding the right escort (and X-ing out the fake ones) should be much easier. Just remember to be wise, stay critical, and set your expectations. For a fun, exhilarating and safe experience, call the Ladies of the Night today!