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Meet Girls and Make An Impression

15 October, 2016 (18:34) | Uncategorized |

At Ladies of the Night, we know a few things about what a woman really wants, but we also know that it can be a confusing thing for a man to master. If you have been having difficulty making your mark with the opposite sex, don’t worry, our San Diego escorts have got you covered. […]

Ladies of the Night Offers 4 Great First Date Ideas In Southern California

1 October, 2016 (18:02) | Uncategorized |

First dates are rough; you don’t know each other yet, so there’s always that possibility that you could choose the wrong activity or end up having nothing to talk about. To keep things flowing, choose a location that offers plenty of conversation starters, so you never get stuck with nothing to say. At Ladies of […]

Ladies of the Night Want to Meet You

1 September, 2016 (05:47) | Uncategorized |

Ever been at a party and not been able to find the courage to approach a good looking girl? Fear not, our San Diego escorts have you covered. These are women who look like they’ve stepped off the cover of a magazine, and all they want to do is get to know you. Forget about […]

Life Is Too Short To Play It Safe

15 August, 2016 (20:20) | Uncategorized |

At Ladies of the Night we understand just how short life is, and that’s exactly why we want each and every client to live life to the max and enjoy every second of it. Our girls know how to give a guy a good time, from the initial meeting to the last moment you’ll spend […]

Never Be “That Single Guy” Again

1 August, 2016 (15:37) | Uncategorized |

Ladies of the Night is a company that understands the sting of loneliness. We see plenty of clients looking for love in all the wrong places, and just seeking some feminine companionship on those lonely nights when nobody is around to talk or cuddle. There’s absolutely nothing worse than being that one single guy in […]

Late Night Dates You’ll Love

15 July, 2016 (15:27) | Uncategorized |

In a city like San Diego, it’s easy to find something to do at any hour of the day, and with services like ours here at Ladies of the Night, you’ll always have a San Diego escort to spend that time with. Take a look at a list we’ve compiled of great ideas for the night […]

Bring On The Summer

1 July, 2016 (20:20) | Uncategorized |

The summer heat has finally arrived, and with it comes barbecues, bikinis, and hot summer dates. There’s nothing worse than being invited to a pool party or summer cookout, only to be the last man standing without a female companion. Unfortunately, dating in California can be tough, especially with the 9 to 5 grind keeping […]

Be King For A Day

7 June, 2016 (00:22) | Uncategorized |

Does your job, home life, and financial situation make you feel like a servant most of the time? Ladies of the Night want to make you feel like King for a day. Shake off those weekday blues and check out our website for a full list of services, prices, and San Diego escorts who would love […]

The Truth About Dating

7 June, 2016 (00:20) | Uncategorized |

Dating is not always easy, and that’s the truth. No matter how good looking you are, hardworking you are, or polite you are with the ladies, there is no guarantee that you will find the one. With the age of the internet, dating has become increasingly more difficult when you’d think it would be the […]

Creating The Perfect Date

3 May, 2016 (00:43) | Uncategorized |

Nothing says date night like the excitement of meeting up with a beautiful lady for an evening of fun. At Ladies of the Night our girls love to date, and more importantly they’d love to date you! Professional, beautiful, and completely charming, no matter which girl you choose, you will be happy with your companion. […]