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Making Special Requests Of Your Special Date

16 April, 2016 (02:14) | Uncategorized |

Sure, you can find a hot date at a local club, or meet a lady at the supermarket, but we guarantee she won’t offer the same perks that we do. Ladies of the Night caters to our clients in every way that we can. Working within the laws governing the state of California, we provide […]

Don’t Limit Yourself To Society’s Standards

1 April, 2016 (18:09) | Uncategorized |

Whether you have a high profile job, a labor induced work experience, or currently between employments, you deserve to have a little fun once in a while. Society offers a certain image of what the perfect life looks and feels like, but modern dating has changed many of the rules associated with these images, and […]

Bring You’re A-Game To The Party

15 March, 2016 (15:30) | Uncategorized |

Ever find yourself the only one in your group of friends without a girlfriend? Is the dating game a confusing mess of old fashioned rules and mind tricks that you just don’t have the time to sort through? Here at Ladies of the Night, we have got your next big event covered. Become the envy […]

Night Or Day – We Aim To Please

1 March, 2016 (20:38) | Uncategorized |

Ladies of the Night operates mainly during the evening hours when work day stress leaves our clients hoping for a little flirtatious banter and sensual reprieve. That being said, our models are more than happy to take time out to spend with you during the morning or afternoon as well. An afternoon at the beach, […]

Meet A Real Woman

16 February, 2016 (16:32) | Uncategorized |

You would think that in such modern times we could celebrate our sexuality more openly, but it is still stifled. This can be frustrating as a red blooded male who just wants to express himself and enjoy all of the beauty that comes naturally to the human form. Here at Ladies of the Night, we […]

Lady Of Your Dreams

9 February, 2016 (21:59) | Uncategorized |

Ladies of the Night prides itself on being one of the top competitors in the California escort industry. Why? Because we have got the lady of your dreams – and she knows how to work it. Browse through a list of hand selected women, who look as though they have stepped out of a glossy […]

Great Ladies For Deserving Gentleman

1 February, 2016 (17:05) | Uncategorized |

At Ladies of the Night we have some of the classiest and most beautiful women in California, ready and eager for a real man to show them a night of fun and fantasy. Our girls are chosen through a very selective process, which includes only the most charming, flirty, and voluptuous women to grace the […]

Top Places To Enjoy Your Evening Of Romance

18 January, 2016 (21:25) | Uncategorized |

Believe it or not, some men would love to have the company of a gorgeous stranger for an evening, but have absolutely no idea what to do once together. The idea of a magazine cover model stepping into full view, and being in charge of a night of romance can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t […]

Nobody Does It Better

16 December, 2015 (21:17) | Uncategorized |

Nothing feels greater than falling in love, but in a city where relationships seem to fly by and making real connections is almost impossible, it’s nice to take a break from the dating game and just enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. Ladies of the Night may not provide the same kind of intimacy […]

Ladies Of The Night Come Ready To Play

1 December, 2015 (23:20) | Uncategorized |

Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town, spending a quiet evening in a posh hotel room, or you just want a companion to spend some time with at home, Ladies of the Night come ready to play. Loaded with enough beauty to completely blow your mind, and the playful nature of your […]