Ladies of the Night Offers 4 Great First Date Ideas In Southern California

Saturday, October 1, 2016, 6:02 PM | Uncategorized

First dates are rough; you don’t know each other yet, so there’s always that possibility that you could choose the wrong activity or end up having nothing to talk about. To keep things flowing, choose a location that offers plenty of conversation starters, so you never get stuck with nothing to say. At Ladies of the Night, our San Diego escorts know that life can get in the way when it comes to planning for a date, that’s why we want to help by offering 4 great ways to make a lasting impression.

Take A Hike:

No, literally; Southern California is packed full of prime hiking regions, and best of all, it’s completely free! Find a romantic waterfall, seek adventure in the forest, or work up a sweat together climbing big rocks. Listings of local and national parks and other hiking areas are available through the government of California website. If your date isn’t much of a hiker, it’s best to stick to beginner trails, and always bring enough provisions for your trip.

Take Her to a Private Beach:

san_diego_escortOkay, so you don’t own your own beach; no problem. We’ve got you covered. Walking hand in hand across the sand, the cool breeze rolling in off the water, and the reflection of the sunset on the tide; all of these things make for the perfect evening, especially if you don’t have to share them with mountains of tourists. While it isn’t exactly private, Lechuza Beach, located in Malibu, is far more secluded than many other beaches across the state. Take your date here for some much-needed privacy, and hit it off without a hitch.

Drinks Over Dinner:

Don’t want to go plain Jane with dinner and a movie? Why not skip the meal and head straight for the drinks. Select a place that is central to both you and your date, like Clifton’s, which is located on South Broadway, and order a drink that will have you both asking for a sip from your partner’s glass. Cocktails can be classy, sexy, and give you a little liquid courage for the road.

Stargaze Together:

Nothing says romance like a glance into the galaxy, and there’s no place better to explore the unknown than at Griffith Observatory. Take some time getting to know each other and the solar system, before moving on to one of our other popular destinations listed above. The observatory makes a great starter or finisher for any date, especially if you check for special events, and attend on a day when you can really make a good first impression.