The Truth About Dating

Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 12:20 AM | Uncategorized

Dating is not always easy, and that’s the truth. No matter how good looking you are, hardworking you are, or polite you are with the ladies, there is no guarantee that you will find the one. With the age of the internet, dating has become increasingly more difficult when you’d think it would be the opposite. So many profiles, pictures, and lies hidden across the web, it’s hard to decipher which girl is being honest. Here at Ladies of the Night, what you see is exactly what you get.

Browse our San Diego escorts who would love to show you a good time, read a brief bio and glance at some truly hot photos before deciding on the perfect girl. No games, no tricks, and no let downs. Our ladies are hand chosen based on beauty, charm, and other positive qualities which we know our clients will enjoy.

No Mess No Fuss

Unlike standard traditional dating which obligates you to give compliments, spend money on flowers, choose a restaurant she might not like, pick her up and wait around while she gets ready for the date, our ladies want to dote on YOU. Get truly pampered and spend your evening feeling like a King, rather than a servant. Our girls love making their men happy, so forget about the messy morning after telephone call, the time consuming restaurant conversations, and the waiting around for her to be picked up. Let her come to you.


Ever answered the door to a beautiful woman in a trench coat and not much else? There’s always a first time for everything, and we highly suggest that you book your first time soon. Forget the restrictions and rules that go along with normal dating, and create the perfect night of romance for yourself with our unique packages.

Dating Doesn’t Need To Be So Hard

The truth is that dating doesn’t need to be so difficult all the time. It’s a simple act of a man meeting a woman and enjoying the time that they spend together. No need to plan the future on a first date, no need to worry about public opinion of nudity or touching, no need to stress and sweat the small stuff. Ladies of the Night want to show YOU a good time, not the other way around. So call today and book a date with a beautiful woman who will help you leave your reservations at the door, and truly experience a date the way that it should be.