What type of client do San Diego escorts go crazy for?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014, 3:18 PM | Uncategorized

san_diego_escortAt our Ladies of the Night blog, we talk a lot about our gorgeous, beautiful escort, but we often overlook some of the attributes of our clients. Specifically, we want to discuss our favorite clients — the clients that our San Diego escorts absolutely adore. Based on what our girls have to say, these are a few things that make a “great client”:

The client doesn’t try to haggle or barter.

A great client has respect for the escort’s work and her dedication to the trade, so the client knows her rates are fixed. No exception. He doesn’t try to negotiate or work out a special deal. All of our ladies are luxurious companions, no matter their hourly rates. Good clients recognize the charge to be an exchange for an outstanding service.

The client is good company for our San Diego escorts.

Our favorite clients are very charismatic, positive people. Escorts enjoy feeling like they’re in good company, so they warm up a lot quicker to the happy-go-lucky, fun, upbeat types. Crude, sexist, or racist boys need not apply — they probably won’t be considered good clients.

The client sees his San Diego escort more than once.

Our favorite clients see his/her escort on a fairly regular basis. This practice builds an amazing escort-client relationship that eventually grows into hot companionship. Obviously, the longer the visit, the more the relationship can grow.


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